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Flu Prevention


Rampant absenteeism takes its toll not only on employees, but on your business’s bottom line. With flu season being an annual occurrence, your company can enlist a flu prevention campaign aimed at 500 staff members. And if you work your magic this time around, it will most likely result in a good prognosis for repeat sales.

You should make a concerted effort to provide flu vaccines to willing recipients. You can help create awareness that the company will offer this benefit by providing informational materials, maybe in the form of a USB drive. The company president or director of Human Resources might record a short video to be downloaded to the drive, in which he or she can relay the importance of vaccination and good health habits. The flash drive should also note when and where vaccinations will take place. Afterward, the employees can use the USB drives for their own information. Staff should also be educated about how to tell the difference between cold and flu symptoms and when not to come into work. A small primer booklet would come in handy.

Next employees should be given items to further help them prevent illness. Travel size hand sanitizers are an on-the-go way to keep hands free from germs. Likewise, an antimicrobial pen keeps germs at bay. Vitamin C could fend off symptoms, and of course, hydration is key for staying healthy. A stainless-steel water bottle they can carry to the office would be a nice idea

Finally, if employees do in fact get sick, it would be a good idea to include products that deal with just that in the total prevention package. A cold-and-flu care kit containing some of the essentials, like cough drops, tissues and thermometer. Likewise, they should drink plenty of warm fluids and they’re better when served in a stylish mug. Plus, lips can get dry and chapped with decongestants and nose-blowing, so why not brighten the patient’s spirits a bit (and keep their puckers protected) with some flavored lip balm?

USB 2.0 flash memory stick jump thumb galaxy fold pen drive
Cold and Flu and the H1N1 Virus Pocket Slider
Hand Washing Tips Hand Shape Magnet
Flu shots at Walgreens, Ask me Button
SPF 15 Lip Balm
Roll Candy
The Omni 20 oz. Bike Bottle
Cold/Flu Eco Kit
20 oz britannica glass mug
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